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Frederico Casaro

Frederico Casaro

Background: Frederico Oscar Fonseca Casaro, born on March 13th, 1982 in the city of São João da Boa Vista. He had coaches such as Marcelo Graça, Alexandre Dias, João Soares, Fábio Alves, Dan Cassidy, Greg Osborn, Colin Smith, Rodrigo Simoni, Andre Watanabe.
Experience as Competitor:
As Junior until 18 years old, he achieved:
  • #1 National Ranking
  • Top 15 South American Ranking
  • Top 20 ITF Ranking
  • Won tournaments such as Copa Gerdau, Gator Bowl and many others. Participated and won at Orange Bowl, Sunshine Cup, Eddie Herr, etc.
As a Profissional ATP player:
  • #921 ATP Singles and Doubles
  • Runner-up at Future Caldas Novas along side with Mashiska Washington (Malivai Washington's brother, Wimbledon runner-up) losing to Leonardo Mayer (current #42 ATP)/Sebastian Decoud (former#132)
Victories as ATP profissional player:
  • Novak Djockovic (former #1 ATP)
  • Sonchat Ratiwatana (former #39 ATP doubles)
  • Philip Oswald (atual #32 ATP doubles)
  • Martin Fischer (#117 ATP)
  • Lucas Engel (#297 ATP)
  • André Ghem (#118 ATP)
  • Thiago Alves (#88 ATP)
  • Ricardo Hocevar (#149 ATP)
  • Marcelo Demoliner (current #60 ATP Doubles)
Matches: Daniel Melo, Júlio Silva, Eduardo Bohrer, Alexandre Bonato, Leonardo Kirche, Pierre Duclos, Alexandre Simoni,Diego Cubas, Alessandro Camarço, Bruno Rosa, Caio Zampieri, Franco Ferreiro, André Miele, Lenoir Ramos, Artem Sitak, Máximo Gonzalez, Sebastian Decoud, Santiago Giraldo, Rohan Bopanna
Quote that inspires: “Keep grinding, even when darkness comes around, faith, talent, and hard work will always find bright shining light at the end of the tunnel”

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